• Regulations governing digital check-in procedures


    Israir Aviation and Tourism enables its passengers to use digital check-in services via online systems with respect to selected flights. All of the information provided below may change from time to time. passengers are required to remain regularly informed of the status of their flight. Upon entering the departure lounge, you must go through a security check and then proceed directly to the border control section.

    * Digital check-in is only available for flights departing from Tel Aviv. Digital check-in services are available on the Israir website (Personal Zone) MY ISRAIR
    * International flights - between 72 and 8 hours before departure.

    * Domestic flights - between 72 and 4 hours before departure.
    * Digital check-in services are available for Israir flights only (3 numbers) to Eilat and selected destinations abroad (which vary from time to time), provided that the booking was only made on the Israir website or through travel agents/wholesalers via LDS distribution systems. If the flight was booked through other distribution systems, digital check-in services will not be available except as stated below.
    * Booking through travel agents: tourism wholesalers, other booking sites, etc., in Israel or abroad: passengers are required to obtain the Personal Zone’s credentials from the agency through which the booking was made in order to complete the digital check-in process, and confirm through that agency that the passenger's telephone number has been relayed to Israir.
    * To complete the check-in process, the Israeli passport information of all passengers included in the reservation must be prepared in advance. If the passengers (in whole or in part) hold a non-Israeli passport/laissez passer (Israeli travel document) and any document that is not an Israeli passport, they must make inquiries with the customs agency of the country of destination with respect to their requiring an entry visa in that country.
    * Passengers are required to make sure that their passports (those brought by them to the flight) are valid in accordance with the policies prescribed by the Israeli Immigration Authority and the immigration authorities of their destination, including intermediate destinations if any apply, and fill out their details such that they precisely conform to their passports (more information about passport validity is found in the Company’s Terms & Conditions).
    * Passengers are required to make sure that they possess all requisite visas, including entry visas with respect to their destination or any intermediate destination, and bring them to the flight. Information about requisite visas can be obtained from the destination country’s embassy.
    * Passengers are required to ensure that they possess any additional permits that may be required before the flight, e.g. (without limitation): medical certificates, medical certificate for pregnant women, notarial power of attorney (for minors), etc.
    * If certificates must be presented at the airport on flight safety grounds, the passenger must go to the flight’s desks at Ben-Gurion Airport before they proceed to border control and the boarding gates.
    * At the end of the digital check-in process, a boarding pass will be available on the passenger’s the Personal Zone. The boarding pass must be printed and brought to the flight, or can be shown by means of the passenger’s mobile phone.
    * Terms and prices of such airline services as: baggage, seating, special equipment, etc. also apply to passengers who have completed a digital check-in process. To view the full version of these Procedures, click here
    * Passengers may begin the border control process at the airport (after the security check) within three of departure abroad and an hour and a half before departing to Eilat.
    * Passengers must arrive at the boarding gate within the time specified on the boarding pass, and in any event, in accordance with the current departure time shown on airport screens. Passengers are required to remain informed about changes in departure times via the Israir Website (Personal Zone – My Israir) through the agency that processed the reservation or pursuant to the text message received through the mobile phone specified during flight’s check-in process.
    * The use of digital check-in system (the “System”) is made under the passenger’s sole responsibility. Israir will not be held liable for the System’s use or performance. Israir expressly disclaims any liability, and the passenger expressly waives any liability, whether express or implied, including liability for the registration of any or all passengers and/or seating, the System’s accuracy, reliability, and quality, including, without derogating from the above, any implied liability and rights under applicable law. Israir does not guarantee that the check in process will be available or free from interruptions or malfunctions.
    * The passenger knows that the System may contain bugs, errors and other issues that might interfere with or disrupt the check-in process.
    * The passenger knows and confirms that under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any damage or loss, including loss of profits, caused by using the System.

    Ben Gurion Airport provides for a separate and dedicated security check process for passengers who have completed a digital check-in process in advance and who possess a printed boarding pass or a boarding pass viewable via mobile phone.

    Passengers departing from Terminal 3

    Passengers who fly with hand luggage only (without checked baggage stored in the aircraft’s hold): the security check will take place in a designated area in Sector W, Terminal 3, from which passengers will proceed to the outbound passenger stage: security (hand luggage and personal items), border control and duty free.

    Passengers departing from Terminal 1

    Passengers who fly with hand luggage only (without checked baggage stored in the aircraft’s hold): the security check will take place in a designated area in Sector D, Terminal 1, from which passengers will proceed to the hand luggage inspection and border control stages.