• Baggage policy on Israir flights

    The policy applies solely to Israir flights only (three numbers), and it does not apply to Codeshare flights or flights whose carrier is not Israir.

    One carry-on baggage item (small personal bag)

    • is included in the ticket price.
    • One piece of hand luggage (maximum size: 40*30*20 cm) can be brought into the passenger compartment free of charge.
    • This baggage will be stored at the bottom of the seat in front of the passenger.
    • This baggage will enable passengers to carry items needed during their flights (e.g.: travel documents, medicine, keys, wallet, etc.).
    • Please note:
    o Additional hand luggage, such as bags, equipment and other bags, etc., will not be allowed on the plane. One personal piece of hand luggage per passenger is allowed.
    o As a service for passengers, Israir offers personal storage bags (this service entails a fee), which can be used to store the contents of excess bags. These bags will be tagged and sent as checked baggage (entailing an additional fee).

    Hand luggage (trolley or large backpack)

    • is not included in ticket prices.
    • Hand luggage (maximum size: 25*45*55 cm; maximum weight: 10 kg) can be brought into the passenger compartment (this additional luggage entails a fee).
    • The above measurements include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc. Any deviation from the above weight and dimensions will require the hand luggage to be sent to the aircraft’s hold as checked baggage, and the fees entailed in such baggage are prescribed in the Excess Baggage Conditions.
    • Please note:
    o Due to the limited space available in the aircraft’s storage compartments, the number of carry-on luggage pieces inside the passenger cabin is limited to 50 units. Once the maximum number of carry-on luggage pieces is reached, the remaining pieces of carry-on luggage will be brought to the aircraft’s hold, and passengers will be able to retrieve them from the luggage conveyor belt at their destination’s airport.
    o For the avoidance of doubt: paying for a large trolley or backpack does not guarantee it being brought into the passenger cabin, and such luggage may ultimately be checked and sent to the aircraft’s hold.
    o Passengers are required to personally place their carry-on luggage inside dedicated compartments above their seats.

    Checked baggage (suitcases, etc.)

    • is not included in ticket prices.
    • Any baggage that exceeds the above dimensions and weight will be regarded as checked baggage, which will be kept in the aircraft’s hold, and it will entail a fee as specified in the price list published on the airline’s website, as revised from time to time.
    • Maximum weight per piece of luggage: 23 kg

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